Vaginal Prolapse & Incontinence

Urinary incontinence affects one in five women of all ages. It causes significant distress and can impact your quality of life. Up to 50% of women will also experience sexual dysfunction because of these symptoms however over 70% of women won’t seek help. Whether you’re experiencing a slight leak when you cough, jump or run or you’re really struggling to hold on when you need to go, we offer treatment options for all. Recurrent urinary tract infections and problems passing urine are also common problems which are links to gynaecological health and can be addressed and treated at our clinic.

Vaginal prolapse is another common condition not restricted to post-menopausal life. It can occur during and after pregnancy. And, when left untreated, can really start to impact life. The women’s clinic specialists are experienced at assessing these issues and offering a variety of treatment options as well as surgery referrals if necessary.